A lifelong learner, I make the most of every opportunity to acquire knowledge. Whether that knowledge comes from listening to NPR, watching the Discovery Channel, or reading Smithsonian  magazine or a book about something I don’t know, it’s the act of acquiring and implementing new information that engages me.

Other times, my learning has simply been the product of listening to people who are passionate about their lives and work. Whether that’s meeting with a friend writing a spiritual self-help book, talking to a specialist in disaster management systems, or connecting with WJAR’s Frank Coletta, there are boundless opportunities to grow beyond myself.

For more formal education, I’ve also attended the following universities:

  • Bucknell University (’89) – B.A.
  • Brown University (’08) – Creative Writing Continuing Education course
  • Leadership Rhode Island (’11) – Eta II Class
  • Johnson & Wales University (’12) – MBA Foundation courses in preparation for completing that degree