In this portfolio, you’ll see some examples of my work for several organizations. All of these projects were executed under stringent deadlines and with limited direction by my supervisor.

What do these examples show?

  • You can rely on me to develop effective, creative solutions within set parameters.
  • You can trust me to adhere to deadlines, and work well under pressure.
  • We can work to create integrated experiences by leveraging the broad-based skill set I bring, including: event design and execution; brand articulation and development; print layout and copywriting; and creative development aligned with a specific branding objective.

(Please note that all work product belongs to the organizations shown.)


CVS logo

Retail Experience - Innovative Solutions


With a high “walk rate” for pseudoephedrine (PSE) products, CVS was losing revenue on these high-value goods. The merchandise team responsible for these products recognized that there was a huge opportunity to improve sales, and asked for assistance to investigate the issue and lead the charge on finding a solution.

Recognizing the potential for making a real difference in this area, I determined to work on a solution to to address the challenge. That solution included simplifying the in-store experience for both customers and store associates through improved design of the shopper cards displayed at shelf and the implementation of clearer use practices for store associates.

The result? When presented with a merchandising challenge which cost this Fortune 12 corporation millions of dollars in lost sales each year, I created and led a project team to develop an innovative solution which has reduced confusion for customers and store associates, and increased sales within months of execution. Click here to read the case study.


SI logo

Retail Brand - Creative Development

Summer Infant

Launching a new brand in the baby and juvenile space requires careful attention to detail. In addition to primary concerns about materials, packaging, and safety, a successful company must also gauge the market’s receptivity, identify target demographics, and plan a strategy to capitalize on both.

So, designing a personality for that brand entails looking at the needs of all audiences — audiences ranging from external customers like parents, children, and industry KOLs, to internal clients including the brand team, designers and production staff, and operations and management leaders.

For one multimillion-dollar global company, I developed personalities for a new cast of animal characters that will be used to promote a new line of baby products. Armed with illustrations of eight cute creatures and some basic guidelines, I christened each creature with a name. Each animal was also given a favorite food, a preferred sleeping position and mode of transportation to help bring it to life, and provide fodder for a series of future adventures. And to connect the characters to the parents of our young consumers, I also identified a set of values and developmental milestones for each character to represent.

The result was a roster of fun, engaging characters who symbolize key benchmarks of a child’s experience, and can serve as the pillars of a global marketing campaign.



Brand Articulation - Creative Brief

Dorcas International

In January of 2013, two well-known and respected Rhode Island institutions with related missions merged. Dorcas Place and the International Institute of Rhode Island both recognized that their complementary programs could provide their clients with a full spectrum of services unmatched by any other organization.

While the boards and staff of both groups were excited by the possibilities, we also recognized that the resulting organization, Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, had much at stake:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with donors to both organizations would be critical in order to continue serving the thousands of clients who walk in the doors each year.
  • Many of the clients who reach out to Dorcas Place and the Institute have encountered tumult throughout their lives. They’ve come to rely on these stable partners in the community, so maintaining a feeling of constancy would be a key ingredient for Dorcas International’s success.
  • Demonstrating the increased power and effectiveness of the merged organization would be important to the policy makers and advocates who recognize Dorcas Place and the Institute as the go-to resources for programs serving this growing pool of citizens.

Anticipating these many disparate challenges, we needed to craft the narrative thoughtfully and deliberately. Using my marketing experience and knowledge of the Rhode Island community, I worked closely with the leadership team to develop a request for proposal (RFP) which laid out the challenge and our need, then solicited agencies to bid on the work; in time, I also helped evaluate the submitted proposals. (Click here to see the RFP I wrote.)

By taking a proactive stance in delivering the message, we were able to anticipate challenges and address them, build excitement for the collaborative spirit demonstrated by this effort, and pave the way for an exciting future for Dorcas International.


PL logo, small

Event Design & Management

PeaceLove Studios

In 2011, my involvement with PeaceLove Studios ramped up considerably when I chaired the committee for their inaugural fundraiser, entitled Get Your PeaceLove On!.

Developing a theme, designing the look, and planning the guest experience leveraged my creative talents, project management skills, and leadership abilities — all for the benefit of an organization I believe in. Working with a hard-working and dedicated team, we pulled together an event that was unlike any other — featuring gourmet food, opportunities to create (and win) original art, and fabulous live music that celebrated the unique flavor of the PeaceLove experience.

The result? Three hundred guests on a rainy Tuesday night exceeded our goal for attendance, and thanks to the work of our volunteers and staff, we also met our ambitious fundraising goal at a cost of only 10% of gross.

Want to learn more and see some of the paintings created by our talented community of artists? Click here to view the case study.



Newsletter - Design, Copywriting, Layout

Sts. Matthew and Mark Episcopal Church

Loving a challenge, I accepted an offer to take on the role of newsletter editor at a local church – a role previously held by the overworked church administrator.

As I saw it, the newsletter served a number of functions: inform parishioners (both the weekly attendees and the less frequent visitors) of church happenings, functions, and needs; provide a forum for church members to share ideas, requests, and news; and offer something of interest to all audiences from young children to the elderly to keep them engaged with the church community.

The finished product received rave reviews month after month, and the design became an exemplar of effective parish communications in the diocese.

Want to see more? Click here to view a typical monthly issue.